Elvey Roof Access

Access to the Elvey Building roof is overseen and approved by the GI Operations Office Manager.

The University of Alaska Fairbanks (UAF) has restricted access to all UAF building roofs for security/safety reasons.

Due to the nature of research projects that are conducted at the Geophysical Institute (GI), GI has been granted conditional, restricted access to the Elvey Building roof.


UAF EHS Training: SkillSoft SAH 0425 – Fall Protection Awareness or other qualified Fall Protection training is required for anyone accessing the Elvey Roof. A link to this training may be found at: http://www.uaf.edu/safety/training/

Any users (other than UAF Facilities Services) requiring access to the roof for any reason must meet with the GI Operations Manager to discuss the necessity for roof access.

If a new instrument is to be placed on the roof, an Equipment Placement Request Form needs to be filled out by the user and submitted to the Operations Office. This form may be accessed on the GI Operations Office website page. All operating frequencies must be provided to insure that new equipment does not interfere with existing equipment.

All equipment placements are submitted for approval to the UAF North Campus Committee. Please allow 5-10 business days for equipment placement approval.

Issuance of access to the Elvey Roof is limited. The Elvey Roof door is operated by the Polar Express Lenel key card system. The GI Operations Manager provides Polar Express Lenel approval. The GI Operations Office tracks all users access. Polar Express Lenel access is the responsibility of the authorized owner. Lenel access cards are intended for use by their approved owner. Access cards used by unauthorized users will be revoked.


Contact with the parapet is to be avoided.

The roof membrane system is not designed to withstand heavy traffic. In the winter, the roof is not maintained on a regular basis and may pose slipping/falling hazards to users due to ice and snow buildup.

There may be radiation risks associated with transmitters, lasers or other equipment already located on the roof. Users are advised to maintain adequate safety distances from all equipment to avoid radiation exposure.


Beginning July 2011, all Elvey Roof access will require UAF’s EHS SkillSoft training: Fall Protection Awareness. This training can be found on UAF’s EHS website at http://www.uaf.edu/sa