GI Emergency Action Plans

Emergency action plans are presented here for your perusal. Please read the plan that is appropriate for your building BEFORE an emergency situation comes into play. The life you save could be your own, a total stranger's, a co-worker's or a firefighter's.

Please take a few minutes to read the Emergency Action Plan, listed below, pertaining to your building.  After reading the EAP, please take the GI EAP Quiz.  The GI EAP Quiz is an Annual Safety requirement.

Akasofu 1st Floor 3.43 MB
Akasofu 2nd Floor3.18 MB
Akasofu 3rd Floor2.25 MB
Akasofu 4th Floor 2.38 MB
Akasofu 5th Floor1.41 MB
GI Akasofu DEAP June 2014756.92 KB
ASF Richardson Site DEAP, February 20151.53 MB
GI WRRB Emergency Action Plan, February 20152.22 MB
GI Elvey Emergency Action Plan, February 20151.4 MB
GI OEM Emergency Action Plan March 2015.pdf1.65 MB

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